This course will discuss and explain the basic Physics governing Semiconductors. Some experiments demonstrating properties of semiconductors, p-n junctions, transistors and logic gates will be performed to give more intimate feeling of the subject.​



Who should attend?

The discussion will be roughly at 10+2 and UG (B. Sc. and B. Tech.)  first-year level course on semiconductors or electronics. Thus students of std. 12 onwards will benefit most. Teachers who teach this topic are another target group.

Course Content

Basics of Quantum Mechanics


Energy levels in pure crystalline solids
Conduction mechanism Fermi level and density of states
Doping of accepter and donor impurities p-n junctions, mechanism of current under different biasing conditions
Special purpose p-n junctions (Zener diodes, photodetectors, solar cell, LED etc.) Theory of transistors
Applications like amplification, switching, oscillator etc Binary number system
Logic gates  


Three Lectures to be released every week, generally one on each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The lectures can be viewed anytime during the course duration of 11 to 12 weeks. Four Multiple choice quizzes will be held during the course for evaluation.


Certificates will be issued by the Centre for Development of Technical Education (CDTE), Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Two kinds of certificates will be issued to the qualifying students based on their involvement and performance.

Competency Certificate

This will be given to the participants who would have viewed at least 90% of the lectures and scored a  minimum percentage in the quizzes which will be decided by the course instructor after the examinations.

Participation Certificate

This will be given to the participants who would have viewed at least 90% of the lectures. 


A lecture will be treated as “viewed” only if it is viewed from the beginning to the end. One can see the video in multiple sittings as the management system keeps the record of that.
 Please note that you will have to view the videos from the course website itself.  Viewing downloaded videos or viewing them from YouTube or from others' account will not be counted for certificates.